“How long has it been?”

Taeyeon looked up at the sudden sound of Tiffany’s voice in the quiet living room. She blinked a few times.


“How long have we been dating now?”

Taeyeon tapped the tip of her pen against the pad of paper on her lap. She pondered the question, going through a mental calendar. Tiffany seemed nonchalant about it, lounging on the couch beside her, but Taeyeon did a quick check to make sure it wasn’t some sort of anniversary too. She was pretty confident it couldn’t be, because she distinctly remembered their most recent anniversary.

“Um, a while,” she answered vaguely, doubting her confidence. “Why?”

“Do you remember that time I called you heartless?”

Taeyeon dropped her pen like it was on fire. “Okay, please don’t kill me. That was so long ago, during some stupid argument! What’s going on?”

“It’s been long enough. I think I know where your heart is.”

Taeyeon hesitated. Her eyes narrowed reflexively as her concern turned to suspicion and then to curiousity. “Okay? Where is it?”

Tiffany smiled. It was that smile, the one only Taeyeon was allowed to have, and the one that had always been saying something Taeyeon was reasonably sure she understood.

“I think I have it.”

Taeyeon froze. Her eyebrows shot up. “O-oh?”

Tiffany grinned. It was almost a challenge.

Taeyeon blinked again. “Are you… are you sure?”

There was a sigh as Tiffany looked thoughtful. “Hmm. Let me check.”

She leaned forward and kissed Taeyeon softly, warmly, and somehow Taeyeon knew right away that the vibration of her veins was coming from Tiffany, who felt the same.