The Art of Motion

Sequel to Eyes, which is a sequel to Lips, and no I don’t think I will make it an ongoing.



Tiffany turned, and she smiled at the sight of Taeyeon leaning comfortably in the doorway of her studio. The artist was scruffy-looking today, her clothes rumpled and her eyes tired but glinting as she grinned.

“Congratulations?” Tiffany repeated. “What for?”

Taeyeon reached down and whipped out a folded magazine from the bag resting beside her on the floor. She smoothed it out so that she could show the cover to Tiffany, and she waved it around a little as she laughed.

“Congratulations for being you.”

The world’s hottest new young designer.

Tiffany gaped at it. It was only the biggest fashion magazine in the universe, the one designers and critics and celebrities used as some kind of a holy book for style and wearable art. The headline was clear, firm, a picture from one of the most recent runway shows inset above the words.

“Is that for real?!” She leaped forward and grabbed the magazine from Taeyeon’s hand, holding it up to her face and staring at it as if she could drill right through it. “Does that really say my name?”

Taeyeon placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed. “Can’t you read? It really does say ‘Tiffany Hwang: the world’s hottest new young designer’.”

Tiffany looked up to meet Taeyeon’s warm eyes, still stiff with disbelief. They had only put less than a third of her new collection on display in the public eye in the past three weeks and already there were rave reviews from all over the industry. She could only imagine what would happen when the rest of her designs were revealed. She didn’t even have a definite name for the collection yet, tentatively labelling it ‘Lips’ for the time being, but she wanted to incorporate a deeper level into the name so that the concept flowed all the way through.

Without Taeyeon’s input, her collection would be only half what it was now.

She became aware of Taeyeon’s hand, now on her arm, and returned her genuine smile.

“This is amazing,” she said, absently stepping closer to Taeyeon. “Thank you for everything you’ve done with me on this little project.”

Taeyeon’s grin widened. “Little? I think it’s much more than that, don’t you? You’re the world’s hottest new young designer, and that world is going to go absolutely insane when your full collection is revealed.”

Tiffany blushed and looked down. The magazine was crumpled again in her grasp, but she didn’t worry about straightening it out again. Instead she found herself looking at Taeyeon’s uninteresting shoes and feeling the way Taeyeon’s hand stroked her upper arm.

Then she looked up again, and bit her bottom lip, seeing how Taeyeon’s eyes followed the motion.

“Really,” she said, regaining Taeyeon’s attention, “you breathed life into these designs with all your talk of lips and sensations and eyes and the expression of a kiss. You created another thread of sensuality.”

Taeyeon’s gaze was scorching. “Define sensuality.”

By now, Tiffany was used to this game Taeyeon would play. The teasing, the toying, the motions of going closer and closer before springing away. And she was not going to let Taeyeon be the last to have a say.

Tiffany smiled. “You know,” she said, and stepped closer even more, so that the edges of their clothing brushed together and they could feel the ebbing heat of another body.

“I know?” echoed Taeyeon, her hand forming a grip on Tiffany’s arm. She was hooked. It showed in her eyes, the shape of her mouth, the rise and fall of her chest. Tiffany wasn’t even aware of she herself was displaying her perceptions of the sensations, because she found Taeyeon absorbing.

“Yeah,” Tiffany answered. She dropped the magazine, not caring that it fell on their toes, and her hands came up to touch Taeyeon’s neck and skim upwards to cup her face. “You know.”

“Maybe I don’t,” Taeyeon was quick to reply. “Enlighten me.”

Tiffany watched her for a long moment and felt how Taeyeon watched her too. She leaned into Taeyeon’s remaining space, and felt how Taeyeon’s body moved to accommodate her presence with pleasure.

“Sensuality,” she murmured, “is motion. It’s the motion of your heart beating and your breath brushing over the sensitivity of my lips, and the motion of your hand on my arm as the intensity of your grip on my flesh changes with the tension of your nerves. It’s the motion of your body as it shifts to fit smoothly with my own when I lean closer and closer to be right here with you as much as I can be, and the motion of your lips when I get so close that I may well kiss you –”

Tiffany stopped, raising her stare from Taeyeon’s lips to her eyes, and she pulled her head back.

“And it’s the motion of your pulse racing in the palm of my hand when I don’t kiss you,” she said, sounding a little smug.

Taeyeon grinned. “I think I’m getting the hang of it. Let me see. Lips, the sensations that make fireworks,” she moved her hands to hold onto Tiffany’s hips, “Eyes, the expression of a kiss,” she tilted her head, “Sensuality…”

“The art of motion,” Tiffany said.

“And the art of motion is…”

Tiffany blinked suddenly. “The name of my collection.”

Taeyeon froze. “What?”

Tiffany looked past Taeyeon’s head, into distant space. “I can use that in the name of my collection. Maybe something like: lips, eyes, motion…. ah, it’s missing something.” She squinted.

Taeyeon leaned back slightly, staring at Tiffany. “The name of your collection.”

“Lips, eyes, motion…” Tiffany repeated, oblivious. “Lips, eyes, motion.”

“Kiss,” said Taeyeon firmly. “Lips, eyes, motion, kiss.”

Tiffany returned her attention to Taeyeon, and her face cleared into a sly smile. “Kiss? Really? You think so?”

Taeyeon moved closer again, with a familiar wolfish look, and she kissed her.



18 thoughts on “The Art of Motion

      • Hahaha. Seriously though, I’d really like for this to go on but you just said you won’t make this an ongoing. :))

        Either way, it has a different vibe to it, you know? The parts are short but it has “texture”, and I really liked it! It makes you want more, to be honest.

      • Yeah, I’m afraid if I try to make it an ongoing I’ll end up stretching it flat. Each idea comes quite suddenly and I write it almost entirely in one go or two halves, so I never have an actual plan or anything. If I tried to make a plan out of it there may not be enough ideas. Lol glad you liked it though 🙂

      • That’s actually good, I think the greatest ideas come on a whim. Maybe that’s why the story sounded so honest to me.

  1. For a moment I thought you were going to make a reference to that Taeyang song (“Eyes, Nose, Lips”? Something like that?). But this is better XD

    So I’ve been silent reading for a while, as you may or may not have guessed, so I’ll take the opportunity now to say that you are an incredible writer and I look forward to every one of your updates 🙂 Fanfiction really needs more of you, but at the same time, I don’t think your style can be quite duplicated, and that’s a great thing. So I will continue to cherish every word you write–in the least cheap-creeper way, of course.

    Keep it up! Until next time 😀

    • lol xD

      thanks for your comment. and i’ve become a silent reader of yours, hehe. i appreciate that you wrote this comment, and it’s really kind. i don’t know what else to say really because i get pretty embarrassed when people say stuff like that, lol. but thank you for reading and for enjoying my writing 🙂

  2. I like the little indirectly(?) revenge Tiffany made to Taeyeon. *jaw dropped*

    Like Stephan says, it has some ‘texture’ that made us want more from it. After the lips, to the eyes and then motion, lead to a kiss.. I like that.

    Love the character you put on Tae n Tiff here.

    Thank You for doing this! love your writing !

  3. Fany finally got her revenge! Lol these two are such a tease! Just kissed already will ya lol
    But i love the ending. This fic is sooo sexaaayyy.. Jjang!

  4. I think I cant handle if u will continue this story coz “lips –> eyes –> motion–> kiss” so next is bed? Omg o<-<

  5. This progress is ridiculously sexy. I love how Taeyeon’s a disheveled mess but still so put together. Squealing from the lips to the eyes and just….yeyyy a kiss.

    What a wonderful collection this is. ❤

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