Love More

 A/N: I just realised there’s a chris brown song with this name. this is not related. sharon van etten.


Taeyeon watched them from behind a glass wall, her eyes tracing over their faces moving in slow motion, the stretch of their muscles and the flash of their teeth as they screamed. Some had their eyes shut, some were wide and drilling her with a stare that was about to burn.

Tiffany stood next to her, turning her head as she examined them too. There was no sound, just their actions and the feelings they stirred in Tiffany and Taeyeon’s hearts, undeniable and human. Tiffany closed her eyes, blocking them, and inhaled. She listened to the sound of her own breath, quiet and measured.

Taeyeon leaned her head back, staring at the darkness above her and it was as if the darkness stared back, too. There were eyes everywhere, after all.

Tiffany let her chin drop as she opened her eyes again, and wiggled her toes as if they were making contact with something softer and warmer than the insides of her shoes.

They looked at each other, and smiled an instinctive smile, and then they meant it. Their hands came together, fingers interweaving, and they turned that smile to those on the other side of the glass that was not there. The yells and cries were piercing, their feet were on the hard stage, and they took off running, grinning, singing, laughing.

They’ll close their eyes later, still breathless from the energy they’ve given, and whisper to each other.

“Will this end?”

“Doesn’t everything?”

“They made me love it more. You made me love more.”

“Then maybe this will never really end.”


6 thoughts on “Love More

  1. Thanks, Author-ssi. I was in need of a bit of TaeNy to end my night well.. ^^
    And thanks for not give up on writing TaeNy fics (even with everything that happened), you have my support for that.
    And I really like your fics, so really, thank you. Have a nice day/night~

    a happy reader-locksmith. (:

  2. “They made me love it more. You made me love more.” Awww thank u for continuing loving taeny and continuing sharing to us ur great talent author ssi. We love u ❤

  3. I’m so glad you wrote a oneshot around this song OTL It’s a beautiful song, and your writing is just as brilliant. THank you so much for sharing your talent ❤ By the way, have you heard Daniela Andrade and Gia Margaret's cover?


    • Yes! I actually heard their cover first and liked it so much I decided to get into the song more and this came out. Thanks, I’m glad you read it and liked it 🙂

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