Taeyeon stared at the red numbers for a little while longer. They carried much weight, being such a familiar sight, and her eyes focussed so much on their LED existence that she wondered if they might blind her.

Then she flicked her gaze away. It trickled a short distance from the alarm clock, and landed on Tiffany’s back. Her long hair was messy, tossed about, her face turned towards Taeyeon, her cheek pressed into the pillow. The slow, even strokes of her breath ghosted over the knuckles of her hand which curled near her chin.

Taeyeon shifted to coil on her side, and watched the rhythmic movement of Tiffany’s breathing. It was a warm night, the room was stuffy, and the soft thin sheets only came up to just above the curve of Tiffany’s lower back.

She compared the sight of a peaceful Tiffany to the situation they were in an hour earlier, after Tiffany landed face first on the bed with a tired sigh, when Taeyeon stopped massaging her shoulders and slipped her hands elsewhere. The crease between Tiffany’s eyebrows was lesser, the muscles in her jaw relaxed, her breathing unfettered, the beats of her heart slow.

Her skin glowed, glistened ever so slightly, in the light of the robotic numbers on the other side of the bed.

Taeyeon lifted her head. She leaned forward. The scent of Tiffany’s skin met her, and she stilled for a moment so that she could be absorbed into the warmth that reached her from Tiffany’s body. Her mouth grazed the curve of Tiffany’s shoulder, bottom lip catching and rubbing.

The most delicious taste.

She closed her eyes briefly, and pulled away. She lay on her side again, staring at Tiffany.

Taeyeon knew she would not get enough sleep.

The tips of her fingers moved, traced the protrusion of Tiffany’s shoulder blade, following the corner, the solidity of Tiffany’s flesh and skin anchoring Taeyeon’s touch. There was so much warmth. Taeyeon closed her eyes, letting her finger trail along the bumps of Tiffany’s spine.

She stopped when she reached the edge of the sheets, and spread out her hand wide to cover Tiffany’s back as much as she could, the contact spreading an ebbing heat along her hand. Then she opened her eyes again.

She tightened the muscles of her hand slightly, as if to clutch Tiffany in her palm and hold her. Tiffany’s body stirred as she breathed, inflating and deflating; slowly and absently, now taking Taeyeon with her.

Her gaze fixed. She didn’t blink. She wondered. Tiffany’s eyelashes were just long enough to touch her cheek. One side of her mouth was a tiny bit slanted, the muscles softer.

The mirror corner of Taeyeon’s mouth curved.

Tiffany woke. Half. Her eyes opened slightly; blearily she blinked at Taeyeon and made a soft noise. Taeyeon just smiled. Tiffany reached out, gripped Taeyeon tightly and tugged. Taeyeon shifted, and was blanketed in Tiffany’s embrace.

Numbers flickered. 3:09am. Taeyeon and Tiffany slept.



7 thoughts on “3:09am

  1. Dang! I really love TaeNy bed moments (and Im not talking about secks only u know) but sweet, fluffy moments like this~~~ ahhhh my TaeNy heart <333 thank u author ssi! I love ur stories <33

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